Graduation Requirements

Mira Mesa High School Graduation Requirements

English Language Arts

  • 8 semester credits
  • Grade 9 English: 2 credits
  • Grade 10 English: 2 credits
  • Grade 11 English: 2 credits (emphasis on American literature)
  • Grade 12 English: 2 credits (selected from a list of English courses)

English Language Development (ELD) may be used to fulfill the 8 semesters of required English courses.

Ethnic Studies: 2 credits must be completed to graduate and earn a diploma.  All freshman English classes cover the Ethnic Studies required credits.  If a student transfers to MMHS in grades 10-12, they must complete the Ethnic Studies electives to graduate and earn a diploma.

World Language

  • 4 semester credits of the same world language

Fine Arts

  • 2 semester credits-The district's fine arts program includes art, music, drama/theater arts, and public speaking.

Practical Arts

  • The district's practical arts program includes courses in business, consumer and family studies, industrial technology, vocational and occupational programs, video production, journalism, and yearbook.


  • 6 semester credits


  • 6 semester credits total


  • 2 credits (required class)

Physical Science 2 credits required

  • Physics: 2 credits
  • Chemistry: 2 credits

Physical Education

  • 4 semester credits
  • Students must be enrolled in physical education, ROTC, and/or PE Marching Band in grades 9 and 10.
  • Must attempt the Fitnessgram otherwise PE in 11th or 12th grade if applicable

Social Studies

  • 6 semester credits
  • Grade 10: Modern World History (or advanced alternative): 2 credits
  • Grade 11: U.S. History (or advanced alternative): 2 credits
  • Grade 12: Government and Economics (or advanced alternative): 2 credits


  • The Valedictorian will be the student (one) with the highest overall weighted GPA (grades 10-12).

Advanced Placement Classes

  • AP classes are the most rigorous courses offered and the grades are weighted.
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